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Adaptability test for recognition certificate

Seed law and regulation, form (1)
Check Here

How do you prescribed to record the data to obtain the recognition certificate for watermelon, cucumber, chilli, tomato and corn?

You can contact to seed division directly.

What is the characteristics of rice (yet 90).Is it released from National Seed-related Committee.

Tai Hnan Kauk rice is not released form National Seed-related Committee. Now, it was submitted to NSC.

What was needed to do the seed business licence for seed production and distribution?

Shall apply to the TSC to obtaing a licencee in accord with the stipulation on form 8, that will be distributed, remarks of breeder or recognition certificate holder or organization.

What is the functions of NSC?

Law and regulation revised (22.9.2015) and 22.2. (1) (1). Pdf

I would like to know about the seed law and recognition certificate.

Have the seed law in Myanmar? How was applied the seed business licence for importing and distribution. Can allowed the seed production and distribution by importing from any person.

မြန်မာနိုင်ငံတွင် မျိုးစေ့ထိန်းချုပ် သည့်ဥပဒေရှိကြောင်း၊ မျိုးစေ့ ဥပဒေအရ ပြည်ပမှ တင်သွင်းလာ သော မျိုးစေ့များကို တရားဝင် ဖြန့် ဖြူးတင်သွင်းနိုင်ရန် လိုင်စင်မည် ကဲ့သို့လျှောက်ရမည်ကို အသေးစိတ် ဖြေကြားခဲ့ပါသည်။ တစ်ဦးတစ် ယောက်က တရားဝင်မှတ်ပုံတင်ပြီး တင်သွင်းထားသော မျိုးဖြစ်ပါက အခြားသူမှ ထုတ်လုပ်စိုက်ပျိုး ဖြန့် ဖြူးခွင့်မရှိကြောင်း ဖြေကြားခဲ့ပါ သည်။

I would like to know the varieties name of yard long bean, waxy corn, okra, egg plant, mustard, cabbage, hot pepper and tomato released from NSC.

Please check the following link.
904 Varieties List

I would like to know the procedures for plants importing. (Durian and ranbutom)

Any person desirous of producing or importing the new plant variety for commercial purpose shall apply to the NSC in accord with the stipulation by submitting complete facts of the new plant variety together with seed sample to obtain the recognition certificate for the new plant variety which he desires to produce or import.