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Format for Seed Registration Protocol

1. Crop Name - Groundnut
2. Season/region/time - Rainy, monsoon/ major production area of sunflower
3. Check variety        - Registered varieties
4. Plot size - 15 ft x 6 rows
5. Spacing - Branching type- 12-15 in x 4 in
    - Erect type- 15-18 in x 6 in
6. Design - RCB design, replication 4-6 (depend on no of variety)
7. Fertilizer rate         - for 1 ac rate
  Urea  28 lb/ac
  Potash  28 lb/ac
  T-super  84 Lb/ac
  လချေးမှုန့်  ၂၀၀ပေါင်/ ဧက ( ၄၅-၅၀) ရက်သားတွင်ထည့်ပါ။

8.Care & Management
­Used 80% germinated variety
­Seed are coated with nodule green manure before sowing (1 pac/ac)
­Seed are sowed under 2 inches.
­Cleaning weed when plants are young
­Irrigate to field when water is needed at the 55-75 days after sowing.
-အထက်စွယ်များ အတောင့်ဖြစ်စေရန်ရည်ရွယ်ချက်ဖြင့် ဘောင် တင်ခြင်း မပြုလုပ်ရပါ။
-Harvest when over 70 % of pods are mature.
9.Recorded data  
50 % germination date

-Shall be recorded the day of 50% germination among all plants at small plot.                                                                                                                                                                   Flowing date
-Shall be recorded the first day of flowers are blooms at small plot.
50% flowering date
-Shall be recorded the day of 50% flowering among all plants at small plot.
Filled pods per plant
-Shall be counted the number of pods that must count only filled pod from 10 sample plants that can represent the whole research field.
Yield from 10 plants (g)
-Shall be measured seed weight from 10 sample plants.
Plot yield (g)
-Shall be measured seed weight from the small plot. 
100 grain weight (g)
-Shall be measured 100 grain weight from the yield of 10 sample plants.
100 seeds weight (g)
-Shall be measured 100 seeds weight from the yield of 10 sample plants.
Nut (%)
                                       seeds weight (g) x 100
Nut (%)        =---------------------------------------------------
                                           Pod weight (g)
Oil percent 
-Shall be tested oil content percent at lab.
Harvesting date
-Shall be harvested when over 70% of mature pods. 
10.Calculating yield
                                   Yield from sample area (g) x 43560x 2.2
Yield    (bsk)    =---------------------------------------------------------------  
                                       Sample size x 1000 x 25

1.    Parent name or line number
2.    Origin
3.    Testing date
4.    Testing season
5.    Testing region
6.    Check varieties
7.    Number of filled pods per plant
8.    Nut yield %
9.    100 grain weight (g)
10.    Oil content %
11.    Yield (bsk/ac)
12.    Duration
13.    Adaptable region
14.    Distinct character
15.    GMO crop or not